[TACRAO] Listserv Official Transcript Information

Lothringer, Bobby rlothringer at mail.smu.edu
Wed Feb 21 12:40:18 CST 2024

For SMU:

  1.  Yes, partial SSN.  Last 4 digits only.
  2.  Yes, partial DOB.  Month/Day only.
  3.  Just name and student ID.  In order, the PII on the official transcript header is as follows:
     *   Last Name, First Name, MI
     *   Student ID
     *   Partial SSN:  XXX-XX-1234
     *   Partial DOB:  01/01/XXXX

Bobby Lothringer
Executive Director of Enrollment Services &
University Registrar
Southern Methodist University
rlothringer at smu.edu<mailto:rlothringer at smu.edu>

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Good morning,

We are doing a holistic review of our official transcript including student information included and wanted to get an idea of how others in Texas are operating.

  1.  Do you include a student's SSN on the transcript?
     *   Is it the entire SSN or partial?
  2.  Do you include a student's date of birth on the transcript?
     *   Is it the entire DOB or partial?
  3.  Do you include anything other than perhaps name and student ID?

Thank you,

Ashley Wheelis
Deputy Registrar
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