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Kate Richardson krichardson at nctc.edu
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Good afternoon,

NCTC does a very similar process as Brazosport College.  We started this in Fall 2019.  We have adjusted our due dates and the Financial Aid dispursement dates so that the students are dropped and aid is adjusted before refunds go out.

In addition to asking for who has never attended, we do ask for faculty to report students that have attended but have excessive absences.  This list is provided to Advising to start the early alert process.

Hope that helps!

Thank you,

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Hi, Jana.

We do - effective Fall 2020.

Faculty report non-attending students around ORD/Census. They report through the faculty portal and our office extracts this information. We then share this list with FA/Vets/etc., for review, and we provide a deadline to these offices to notify us of any last-minute changes to the list. We then drop them with an effective date that reverses all charges/provides a full refund. We try to get this list to FA before disbursements and we're getting better.

This policy is fully supported by the institution as it allows students to 'start fresh' the next semester without any tuition being owed and avoiding W/F grades. In my opinion, this approach could increase retention numbers while demonstrating a clear commitment to student success.



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Subject: [TACRAO] Listserv Administrative drop policy

Good morning,

I'm inquiring on whether you have an administrative/attendance drop policy at your institution?  A policy where students would be dropped from a course(s) for non-attendance/participation.

How does financial aid determine a student was in attendance or not and adjust their aid accordingly?

Please feel free to email me directly at jboatright at tamut.edu<mailto:jboatright at tamut.edu>.  Thank you.

Jana Boatright

University Registrar

Texas A&M University-Texarkana

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