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I was sadden to learn about Joey's (Mrs. Chandler is what those of us that worked for her used to address her by, so much respect for her)  She gave me my first job out of college, and took a chance on me as a regional admissions counselor for Sam Houston when I moved to Dallas.  I learned so many life lessons from her, but most of all Mrs. Chandler had a deep faith, and you always knew where she would be on Sunday.

Mrs. Chandler always wore orange and her office was covered in it.  She loved Sam Houston State, and TACRAO dearly.  Attending the TACRAO conference was always a highlight for her.  I remember when I started at Sam Houston, I was intrigued by TACRAO because of her and will never forget when she asked me to attend my first conference.   Mrs. Chandler was a legend, and it was an honor to work for her as I started my career in admissions.  She will be missed by so many who knew her.


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Dear TACRAO Community-

I am unfortunately tasked once again with informing you that another of our beloved honorary members has passed.  It is with a heavy heart to share with you that Joey Chandler, a longtime TACRAO member who was awarded honorary membership in 2009, passed away this past Friday, September 25th.  For those of us who started in this profession as recruiters, Joey was one of the stalwart fixtures who unofficially mentored us newbies just as Dana Ransom and Marty Grassel had done.

After receiving her BS from East Texas State University, now known as Texas A&M University - Commerce, and while completing her MS at East Texas, she served as a School Relations Advisor from 1977 to 1979.  Quickly advancing in our profession, from 1979 through 1984 she was the Director of School Relations at Trinity Valley Community College.  In 1984 she moved to Sam Houston State University as Assistant Director of Admissions/Recruitment and later in 1992 she became the Director of Undergraduate Admissions.  Joey completed her career as Director of Sam Houston State's Visitor Center.

Joey's TACRAO service began almost immediately when she started her first position back in 1977, as she served the organization at annual meetings as recorder, moderator, facilitator, presenter and committee member on several program committees. She was appointed to serve on a number of standing committees including Strategic Enrollment Management, High School Relations, and Local Arrangements.  She chaired the Undergraduate Admissions Program committee in 1985-86.

Our condolences are with our Sam Houston State colleagues and all of those whose lives were touched by this remarkable member of our profession.


Bobby Lothringer
2019-2020 President
Texas Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers (TACRAO)
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