[TACRAO] Listserv TACRAO College Virtual College Fair Series - Updates September 21, 2020

Dara Newton dara.newton at utrgv.edu
Mon Sep 21 18:46:44 CDT 2020

Good Evening,

As you prepare for your evening fairs, here are some TACRAO Virtual College Fair Series Updates:

  *   Coastal Bend - The HSR Committee worked closely with our college fair partners this weekend to ensure access to the virtual college fairs.  We did not want Beta to impact our students' ability to gain college information.  You may have noticed Coastal Bend Week repeated on the TACRAO schedule in blue the week of Houston 1 and West Texas.  We have seen some movement of high schools and will update the schedule again this weekend to accommodate any high school or two-year partner unable to participate.
  *   Red, Green, Orange, Blue -  When you review the TACRAO schedule you will see additional colors reflected in the list (Red = canceled fair, Green = New or Updated Fair, Orange = Tentative Fair, and Blue = Coastal Bend Week).
  *   Booth Updates - Today we worked with GTCF to address an issue associated with booth updates related to presentations.  Several of you noticed that you updated your schedule. but was not reflected correctly in your booth.  This has been fixed and you should not have this issue the remainder of the season.
  *   New Colleges and Universities - New institutions to the TACRAO Virtual College Fair Series have started building their booth.  The deadline to register as a TACRAO Subscriber and build a booth is 4 pm CDT on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.
  *   Don't forget to download your leads!

TACRAO Virtual College Fair Series Stats:

  *   Student Leads Generated                   45,363 (average of 4.9 schools per lead - higher than trends from the last two years when utilizing barcode)
  *   Student Attendance                            9,117
  *   Total Student Registrations                23,932
  *   Counselor Attendance                        125
  *   Total Counselor Registrations             937


  *   AdmitHub does not generate your leads.  Your leads are generated from students who visit your booth.

Have a great fair week!

TACRAO High School Relations Committee

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Dara M. Newton, M.Ed.
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Strategic Enrollment
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