[TACRAO] Listserv Grading policy

Justin Schilke jschilke at rice.edu
Mon Nov 16 14:03:34 CST 2020

We would allow this, but the following would have to occur:

1.       A course change proposal would need to be submitted to make the S/U
changes effective for that semester. Once approved, changes would be made on
SCACRSE. (We wouldn't make changes in SSASECT because we have a custom
grading process to handle our Pass/Fail option.) This would apply to all
sections of that course; individual sections would not be allowed to have
their own grading.*

2.       If the course needs to switch back to letter grading, a new course
change proposal would need to be submitted to make the letter grading
effective for the future term. Once approved, the changes would be made on
the future term in SCACRSE.


*There are a few exceptions to that, but those exceptions wouldn't apply
here and are already built in to the curriculum/course approval process.



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Good morning,


Every now and again, we will have instructors wishing to temporarily deviate
from the existing grade mode set up for their course.  Example, a course is
set up with standard grading mode with grades A-F.  For one semester only,
the instructor would like to grade on a S/U basis, instead of the current


Since the change is only for one semester, my office ends up having to enter
the grades for the instructor, which can be overwhelming at times.  


Would your institution allow this change, or do you make all grading options
available during the grading cycle?  


Feel free to email me directly at jboatright at tamut.edu
<mailto:jboatright at tamut.edu> . Thank you.









Jana Boatright

University Registrar

Texas A&M University-Texarkana

jboatright at tamut.edu <mailto:jboatright at tamut.edu> 


Phone: 903-223-3047

Fax: 903-223-3140


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