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Good morning!

I would have to agree with the other comments below. As long as the student can provide 12 months of employment history and residential proof such as lease or mortgage statement Residency would be met.


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Good morning!
I agree with the other comments provided so far. If the individual can prove domicile with employment, then the lack of Texas DL wouldn’t cancel that. We would also require a lease or proof of home ownership along with the 12 months of paystubs.


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Hello TACRAO residency officials,
I have a residency issue I would like your thoughts on.  I have a student who is requesting in-state tuition.  He is 28 years old and states he has lived in TX for 10 years.  He graduated from high school in Florida and still has a valid Florida DL.  He has been married to a TX resident for 10 months.  He has worked in TX for at least 12 consecutive months.  I am uncomfortable granting the in-state tuition rate to a student with a valid DL from another state.  What are your opinions on this situation?

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