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Hi Jeremy.
Please see responses below for Laredo Community College.

Diana Rubio

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Quick Poll -

How many of you automatically award the Certificate or Degree if the student does not apply? If yes, have you encountered any issues? Yes.  No problems so far.

Do you charge an application fee/graduation fee? No.

Any other information about Graduation you want to share, please!  We do notify these students via email and snail mail that they have met the graduation requirements for either the certificate or degree and we congratulate them.  We do invite them to participate in our annual commencement ceremony (we only have 1 commencement ceremony a year in May).  So far, the reactions have been from “surprised” to “happy” that they have earned a certificate or degree.

Please email me directly at jdorman at panola.edu<mailto:jdorman at panola.edu> .

Jeremy Dorman
Director of Admissions/Registrar

Panola College
1109 West Panola
Carthage TX 75633
Office: 903.693.2009
Fax: 903.693.2031


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