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The answers for Weatherford College are below.


Vicki Traweek
Associate Dean of Enrollment Management

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I have a few questions concerning how other community colleges are using online registration with their students:

What student demographic groups are allowed to register online (general education students, dual credit students, workforce students)? All academic students are allowed to enroll on, once cleared for online registration. CE/Workforce students are not able to enroll online.

Are students required to be TSI complete to register online? No, but they must have taken the TSI or be TSI exempt.

What is the process at your instution to become “greenlighted” to online register? The student must have submitted all required information/documents and visit with an advisor. At that point they are “greenlighted.”

Are students allowed to online register in summer and mini sessions if they are not degree seeking students are your institution? Yes. Once the student has applied for admission and we receive all  information/documents, we go ahead and OK them to enroll online. The student still has to speak with an advisor though. We have one advisor designated as our transient student advisor. The student can speak with her by phone and she verifies we have all needed information and sets the student’s file for online registration.
 Hope this helps.
Any and all information that you would like to share with me concerning your online registration policies and procedures would be greatly appreciated.

Brandi Havens
Clarendon College
(806) 874-3571 ext 107
P.O. Box 968
Clarendon, TX 79226

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