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Once the student enrolls in postsecondary/higher education level work, no matter their age or current status, then the FERPA rights that were shared between the student and parent transfer solely to the student.  Now once the course enrollment/grade gets recorded back on the high school transcript, then technically the parents have access to see as part of the high school record, but not until then.  Otherwise, the college record is like any other college student's record...parents can only have access if the student provides a signed, written release or the parents have proof of dependency for income tax purposes.

What we do at TWU to avoid the whole mess is have the students sign a FERPA release as part of their dual-credit paperwork that allows us to share their dual-credit enrollment/record with their parents and high school counselor.

Hope that helps.

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Fellow colleagues,

I am fairly new to the Community College world and I recently had a question come up and I want to see how others may be handling the issue. We currently serve a large population of dual credit students and as part of the high school processes teachers are asked to input grades (daily assignments, exams etc) on a student/parent portal and they are being asked to meet for a parent teacher conference. Some instructors are hesitant because they come from the FERPA world and I understand their concern with posting their grades on a separate portal and speaking with parents, but I  also see the high school component as well that this is a high school course as well. How are institutions handling this type of issue?

Thank you,

Cassandra M. Lachica-Chavez, Ph.D.,
Executive Director of Admissions and Registrar

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