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Lachica-Chavez, Cassandra M. clachica at epcc.edu
Fri Apr 8 12:26:37 CDT 2016

Fellow colleagues,

I am fairly new to the Community College world and I recently had a question come up and I want to see how others may be handling the issue. We currently serve a large population of dual credit students and as part of the high school processes teachers are asked to input grades (daily assignments, exams etc) on a student/parent portal and they are being asked to meet for a parent teacher conference. Some instructors are hesitant because they come from the FERPA world and I understand their concern with posting their grades on a separate portal and speaking with parents, but I  also see the high school component as well that this is a high school course as well. How are institutions handling this type of issue?

Thank you,

Cassandra M. Lachica-Chavez, Ph.D.,
Executive Director of Admissions and Registrar

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