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Jacqueline Hefley jhefley at austinseminary.edu
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1)      5.00 per semester

2)      Included as part of registration fee

3)      No limit, to current or former students.

4)      When we charged for each transcript, the cost was 5.00 each. We calculated (roughly) what we brought in annually for all transcripts (current and former students) and determined that a flat rate of 5.00 per semester brought in a comparable amount of money. Revenue aside, not having to process payments for transcripts is a huge relief. I highly recommend a flat fee.

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We are  considering changing our policies concerning collection of transcript fees.

Those of you who charge the students on a per-term basis rather than charging a fee when the student orders a transcript, could you respond to the following?

1)      How much is your per-term charge?

2)      Is the charge listed as a transcript fee charge or is it under something else?

3)      Do you have a limit on the number of transcripts a student may order?

4)      Any other information you think might be helpful for us?

Thank you in advance for your responses.  If you wish, you may respond directly to me rather than back to the listserve.

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