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How does your school handle drops and withdrawals over multiple parts of term?  We have sessions within our terms and have drop/withdrawal and refund rules at the session level.

If a student is registered for 1st and 2nd parts of term over a full term, and they drop classes in the first semester before the census date, then comes back later and wants to cancel preregistration for 2nd 8 weeks, how does your institution handle this?  If those classes are within different sessions they are covered as stated above.  We have some courses that are scheduled within a 16 weeks session, but the class is 8 weeks.  In these cases if the class begin at the start of the session drops are handle like all drops.  If the class begin in the middle of the session and goes to the end of session, Student Financial Services has to address these drops on a case-by-case basis.  Luckily we only have a few of these.

Is it handled as a withdrawal or drop or nothing?  They are handled as drops.  Withdrawals do not come into play unless the students are dropping their last class in the term (semester).

How does this affect the student if they have financial aid?  Financial aid is term based, so as long as the student is enrolled for 60% of the term they should be okay.  In the long run they still have to meet SAP.

Do you have this policy in your catalog?  The catalog spells out when a grade of W is assessed, which is for all drops after census day of the session that the students are enrolled, and of course the six drop policy.  The refund policy is on the Bursar's website.

Same questions if students drop their 1st part of term classes after census date.  Same rules applies.  Students gets a grade of W, and the refund is prorated so depending on when the drop takes place they may or may not get a refund.

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