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Answers for TWU below:

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Good morning,

Please respond with a quick note if your institution utilizes the waitlisting process for courses.

1.       Do you keep waitlisting active after the first day of class?
No.  Waitlist is turned off the Thursday prior to the start of the term.  This was at the request of the departments because it gives them time to do some manual adds/changes without fear of interfering with students possibly being added through waitlist.

2.      If so, how long?

3.      What time frame does a student have to register once notified?
24 hours, excluding weekends.

Thanks so much,

Cié Gee
Director of Registration and Records
UTSA Office of the Registrar
Phone:  (210) 458 - 7552
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Email:  Ginnifer.Gee at utsa.edu<mailto:Ginnfer.Gee at utsa.edu>


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