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Good Afternoon!

During the meningitis update session at TACRAO, we were informed that a student could request the meningitis record to be transferred to another school.  Most schools scan this form and destroy the blue exemption form with the serial number on it.  We were informed that we should not be destroying the blue exemption form.  I asked if we could copy the blue exemption form and hand the original back to the student so they could keep up with the document.  This is a similar process we follow for immunization records from the state.  We keep a copy and not the original record.

I was asked to share the answer once I was informed.  Wes Hodgson from DSHS called me and informed me today that the blue form CANNOT be copied.  This includes scanning.  This was information provided to him by his legal counsel.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Jennifer Willis
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