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At Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, we send out email notifications and the customary paper acceptance letter.

Oscar Reyna
Executive Director of Recruitment & Admissions
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5774
Office of Recruitment & Admissions
Corpus Christi, Texas  78412-5774
O. 361-825-5934 F. 361-825-5887


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We still do paper admit letters…for reasons like the attached image.

This admitted student tweeted the photo of her happily holding the admission letter, with 28 “likes” from friends and family. No better advertising than that.


Dan D. García
Vice President for Enrollment Management
West Texas A&M University
PO Box 60731
Canyon, TX 79016
Voice - 806.651.2031
Fax - 806.651.2936

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Good morning,

I am interested in seeing how many institutions have eliminated paper admissions acceptance letters. What are the cons, if any, of such a move? If you still mail out hard copy admissions acceptance letters and other materials what are the compelling reasons that you continue the practice?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


[david edwards (3)]

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