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Try as I might, I can't send you a direct email (my system wants to keep adding the "." at the end of your email address and won't let me delete it. So I'll post a response here:


Keep in mind, nothing is a "policy" unless the TAMUS Board of Regents votes and says it is. I know it's probably minor, but it's been drilled into our heads by System attorneys and others that it's more likely a "procedure" or "practice" ....so unless it's going to get a vote, it's not a policy. Labeling it right will keep people off your back.

So I have a question: Are you interested in a particular type of policy or procedure? Like what to do about accepting unofficial transcripts....or just a broad "whom you admit" kind of thing?


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Hello All,

Happy Friday!!

I was wondering if any of you have an admissions policy that you would not mind sharing. You can send it to me directly if you would like at paola.fernandez at tamut.edu<mailto:paola.fernandez at tamut.edu>.

Thanks so much,


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