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It's Fall Y'all!  Time for pumpkin spice, football, temperatures with less than 3 digits and threats of government shutdowns!

Luckily, a government shutdown was put off once again Saturday (the end of the federal physical year) as a surprise bipartisan agreement was passed providing for a 48 day funding patch.  Whew,  glad we got that settled.....at least for the next month and a half!

The barrier to the real solution, 12 appropriation bills that need to be passed by both houses before the end of the calendar year.  Stay tuned for more big breakthroughs like bipartisan agreement on where to get lunch.  (Please don't hold your breath on this-I'd hate to lose anyone)

Last Wednesday, the Dept. of Education released final rules for the new revitalized Gainful Employment.  This iteration has more 'teeth' than its Obama administration predecessor.  Ultimately, it breaks down into two parts the Gainful Employment rule and the Financial Value Transparency.

The Gainful Employment rule states that programs at for-profit institutions as well as non-degree programs in any sector would have to show that graduates can afford their yearly debt payments and that hey are making more than an adult in their state who did not attend college.  Failing either measure for 2 consecutive years could lead to that program losing access to federal financial aid.  The first gainful employment metrics will be published in early 2025.  Programs could become ineligible for FA beginning in 2026.

The Financial Value Transparency rule  applies to all programs in any sector but will not affect a program's access to financial aid eligibility.  This rule will give students a detailed information about the cost of postsecondary programs and the financial outcomes they can expect.  This point will be driven home by having prospective students understand their choices by requiring them to acknowledge this information before enrolling in a certificate or graduate program whose graduates have been determined to face unaffordable debt levels.  This disclaimer will be in effect for students starting in 2026 after the first reporting cycle.

The new reporting requirements will take effect next July.

The next bit of fun we expect from the DOE will be the final rules on Title IX.  If they are not out by the end of October, it will be another year before any finalized rules can be put into effect.

Finally,  the Federal District Court ruled recently that the DACA program is illegal.  Under the ruling, DACA recipients who attained protected status as of July 2021 can continue to participate in the program and apply for renewals and new applications can be submitted but not processed.  In short, these students remain in limbo.

That gets you up-to-date with D.C. (not sure if that stands for District of Columbia or Drama Club).  I will let you get back to your pumpkin spice latte and fantasy football league, can't wait to see you all in Denton!


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