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Fry, Dr. Bobbye G. fry at uiwtx.edu
Wed Sep 29 11:29:24 CDT 2021

I noticed two things related to this retirement notice, Mary.  First, you are yet another one of my friends who has retired in the last few years.  Second, I have had two friends who held the registrar title at TCU and both retired.  Therefore, I can only conclude that the registrar position at TCU prematurely ages the title holder.  Good that you can escape while you are still young.

Seriously Mary, I am so happy for you...and so jealous...and I know that you will have many quiet days of working with your stitchery stuff, traveling, and doing anything not registrar related.  I would imagine you will have time to sleep in and not work late on anything unless is it a fun project that you just cannot put down.

Best wishes for a very healthy and happy retirement, Mary.  Stay in touch.


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TACRAO Friends,

After 38 years in the Registrar's Office at TCU, I am retiring as Registrar on Thursday, September 30th.

A huge "thank you" goes out to all of you across the state for the freely given wisdom and advice over the years.  But more important than the guidance shared, it is the enduring friendships I have made through TACRAO that makes this association the special group that it is.  I would not have wanted a different set of colleagues on this journey with me.

I wish you all well.


Mary W. Kincannon
University Registrar
Texas Christian University

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