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We would allow it if all the curriculum approvers agreed. In this case, it
would need to be approved by the department chair and dean. 


If we thought, despite what the requestor said, that the course was actually
changing content due to other evidence that we have, our office can trigger
an additional review by one of the School Course Review Committees; the
department would then need to show that it wasn't a change in content and
therefore not a new course. That review would happen after the dean's
review, so department chair-->dean-->school committee. If they determined it
was a new course and not simply a name change, then it would get a new




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Greetings, friends!


Prior to my time at ETBU, we had a Kinesiology course that changed titles to
meet national accreditation needs. The course number and content remained
the same. It has remained with the new title now for 10 years. The dean is
asking if they can change the title back to its original name. There is no
content changes, nor course description change. 


Is this something your institution would allow, or would you require a new
course number?




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