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Good Morning,

I would like to pose two questions to community colleges regarding commencement:

  1.  Are graduates permitted to wear any stole of their choosing or does your institution have a policy regarding approved regalia attire? If so, how do you communicate your policy?
We do not have an official policy. During the course of the term, I send out regular communications to the graduates detailing what's expected as far as cap decorations (no profanity) and that stoles for our honors organizations are permitted as well as honors or departmental cords and presidential scholar medallions. We've had a few who've done their own thing, but not many.

  1.  How do you handle tickets for guests (electronic or physical)? We issued tickets for the first time in May, and chose to go electronic.

     *   How many tickets do each graduate receive? In May, we allowed 2 per student. In August, we initially planned 8 per students (it was a small group), but then backed up to 4 when Covid numbers began climbing again in our area.

Holly Surginer
Associate Director,
Records & Registration
McLennan Community College
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