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Williams, Amy awilliams3 at ctcd.edu
Thu Jun 17 11:26:26 CDT 2021


Are any other institutions experiencing an influx of bogus/fake applicants? This week CTC has had 600 fake applications! I was able to catch most before importing into our SIS (Colleague) but some made it through so we have some clean up to do. The fake applicants had a combination of/or all listed: Jr. Suffix, or initial for a middle name, a TX address, SSNs, and listed that they attended South Texas College and received the Resident rate.
We use TargetX for our online apps. If any colleagues use TargetX  are you willing to share your Suspicious Applicant filter? There are only a few bogus ApplyTexas applications, but would like to hear from you if you are experiencing an influx there too, because we may be moving to only using ApplyTexas in FY 2022.

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Admissions & Recruitment
Central Texas College
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Killeen, TX 76540
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