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Paige Bussell Paige.Bussell at tamuc.edu
Fri Jun 4 10:55:04 CDT 2021

Happy Friday TACRAO Friends!!!

The TACRAO Executive Team is hard at work planning the 2021 TACRAO Conference to be held in Lubbock November 7-10 , 2021.

We know plans have been a bit undecided for some of you and your institutions but we are in need of more volunteers to serve on the various session committees for 2021-22.
You will get to meet with your colleagues and have lunch while you all kick around ideas for the TACRAO 2022 conference to be held in San Antonio!   This is a great way to get involved!
If you have not already volunteered, will you please consider submitting an I'm available form:  Get Involved (memberclicks.net)<https://tacrao.memberclicks.net/get-involved>

You can review the committees and descriptions here:
TACRAO Committees (memberclicks.net)<https://tacrao.memberclicks.net/tacrao-committees>

We need volunteers for all session committees except Management, Organization and Professional Development or UG Admissions and Recruitment.

Your time and help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out :)  If you already submitted a form, no need to submit another one - I have it :)

Thank you all and have a fabulous weekend!

Paige Bussell | University Registrar
TACRAO 2021-2022 President-Elect
Enrollment Management
Paige.Bussell at tamuc.edu<mailto:Paige.Bussell at tamuc.edu>

Mail: P.O. Box 3011 | Commerce, TX 75429
Ship: 2600 South Neal Street | Commerce, TX 75429
Tel: 903.468.3209 | Fax: 903.886.5888 | www.tamuc.edu<http://www.tamuc.edu/>

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