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Sam Carrell scarrell at uttyler.edu
Wed Jun 2 11:17:18 CDT 2021

TACRAO Colleagues,


Now that the 87th Texas Legislative Session has come to an end, we're left
to look back over all the activity and see where the proverbial dust has


When the final round of deadlines passed, a total of 244 out of the 294
bills tracked by the Committee ultimately failed to reach the governor,
including seven that had reached as high as Stage 4 before stalling out. To
add a bit of extra perspective, approximately 17% of the higher ed bills
filed and tracked by the committee made it to the governor's desk, while
just over 54% never got a single hearing (Stage 0) in their originating


Thus far, ten bills tracked by the Committee have been signed into law, and
another 40 are currently awaiting action by Governor Abbott. 


The most recently-signed new laws are all SBs: 884, 1251, 1277, 1467, and
1860. Summaries of each are included in the attached spreadsheet. Some of
the cells on the New Laws tab are huge due to the volume of analysis text,
so please pardon it being a bit unwieldy. If you want to see the analysis
documents directly in .pdf, .txt, or .docx format, look under the Text tab
on the bill's dedicated TLO page using the embedded hyperlinks. 


As more of the Stage 6 bills are signed, become law without signature, or
receive a veto, we'll continue sending forward updates. For reference, here
is a passage from a TLO document titled The Legislative Process in Texas
<https://tlc.texas.gov/docs/legref/legislativeprocess.pdf>  that outlines
the Governor's Action option for the bills currently in Stage 6: 


On receiving an enrolled bill, the governor has the option to sign it, veto
it, or allow it to become law without a signature. The governor has 10 days
in which to act unless the bill was sent to the governor within 10 days of
final adjournment, in which case the governor has until 20 days after final
adjournment to act. If the governor elects to veto the bill and the
legislature is still in session, the bill is returned to the chamber in
which it originated with an explanation of the governor's objections. A
two-thirds majority in each chamber is required to override the veto. If the
governor neither vetoes nor signs the bill within the allotted time, the
bill becomes law.


Thank you,


Dr. Sam Carrell, Ph.D., M.B.A.

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Office of the Registrar

The University of Texas at Tyler

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