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Aww Nancy.  Congratulations to you, but you will definitely be missed.

Joan Rondot
San Jacinto College
Associate College Registrar | Student Records Management
13735 Beamer Road | Houston, TX 77089
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I am not a fan of this! Not a fan at all!

You will be dearly missed. Thank you for all of your dedication to TACRAO and your friendship/mentorship to me.

Not a fan,


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Troy G. White, M.Ed.
University Registrar
East Texas Baptist University
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Hello TACRAO friends,

Today is my last day of employment as I am officially retiring as of January 31, 2019.  There are so many smart, hard working colleagues in this organization that I admire and have enjoyed learning from.  I have made some great friends.  I have especially enjoyed my time on the TEC 2018-2020.  And I want to send my sincere thanks to all of you.
Oh my the stories I can tell.  I hope to see you again.  Carry on and do great work.  Love  ya!
Would love to hear from you.  My personal email is nfaris3883 at gmail.com<mailto:nfaris3883 at gmail.com>

Nancy Faris
District Director of Academic & Student Records
District Office
nfaris at dcccd.edu<mailto:nfaris at dcccd.edu>
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