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Lorena Rios lorenar at LAREDO.EDU
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Hello Jerry,

I follow the same practice as Betsy.  Data provided before ORD is unofficial.

L 😊

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Hi, Jerry!

If we get an early request, we tell them that it’s our practice not to provide data until ORD, and I’ve never once had anyone argue with me. Usually if you have a good explanation, they’re willing to wait (at least that’s been my experience).


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Greetings, TACRAO!

Hope your Spring terms are off to a good start! Quick question about directory requests…this may have been asked before.

If you receive a request for data for a term that has not started, or passed the ORD/census date, do you provide within the 10 days even if ORD/census has not passed or do you wait until census to provide data?

Thanks and be safe!


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