[TACRAO] Listserv Legislative Update 4/16/2021

Sam Carrell scarrell at uttyler.edu
Fri Apr 16 14:25:02 CDT 2021

Happy Friday TACRAO!


This has been another week with a lot of bills in motion and several
hearings, so there have been quite a few changes to the spreadsheet. Once
again bills are grouped by categories reflecting roughly how far along in
the process they are, with those the furthers along at the top and those
with minimal action at the bottom. 


Here are some highlights of where things stand as of about 2PM today:

.         HB 33 and SB 601 have now been given public hearing dates in their
second chamber, after passing the one where they were filed; either could be
the first HE bill to be passed by both chambers

.         Sixteen bills have passed one chamber and been referred to the
other but not yet heard/scheduled; all but two do have new committee
assignments in their second chamber

.         Four bills recently passed the House, and should be headed to the
Senate soon

.         Ten bills were heard publicly and reported favorably by House
committees this week

.         Two bills appear to have potentially stalled:

o   HB 3332 was given a hearing but not acted upon.

o   SB 513 was previously placed on the intent calendar and not heard, and
now has not been placed back on the intent calendar


Beyond those items, it is also worth noting that there are nearly 200 bills
(194, no highlight on sheet) that have been filed and referred to
committees, but haven't yet been scheduled for any hearings. With the
session scheduled to end in just over six weeks on 5/31/2021, it appears
increasingly likely that many of these bills may be let to 'die on the vine'
without any action.    


As always, if anyone knows of any other bills you'd like to see tracked on
this spreadsheet, please forward them and we'll add them in.


Thank you,


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