[TACRAO] Listserv Note on Marty Grassel

Colton, J.C. jccolton at wc.edu
Tue Sep 22 14:09:25 CDT 2020

Bobby -

Thank you so much for the update on Marty’s passing. She was a good friend to all, especially to we in the Community College family. Her professionalism, grace, and friendly demeanor made Tech a welcoming place for transfers. She was an excellent rep for all things Red Raider.

I am responding to the this email back to the entire TACRAO discussion board to encourage our younger members of the profession to meet and learn from some of the long time giants of this body before they retire or pass. We have lost several in the past two years and their contributions continue in the knowledge and advice they left behind. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from the best in in the business before they are gone.

Hope all are enduring COVID 2020.

And Marty, you will never be forgotten.

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Associate Dean of Student Judicial Affairs
Weatherford College
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