[TACRAO] Listserv The Night Before TACRAO! TACRAO Virtual College Fairs Begin - Monday, September 14, 2020

Dara Newton dara.newton at utrgv.edu
Mon Sep 14 00:54:02 CDT 2020

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Good Evening TACRAO,

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and eagerness surrounding the TACRAO Virtual College Fair Series.  I hope you each have been able to adjust to the platform and finalize your AdmitHub chat.  I am sure we are all going to learn A LOT tomorrow and in the coming weeks.  For those who live in the Recruitment World, you are juggling multiple platforms and a variety of interactions with students, families, and counselors - nothing like we have ever seen.

Here are some numbers heading into tomorrow:

  *   317 College & University Booths (approximately 1/3 Texas, 2/3 Out of State)
     *   Approximately 200 information sessions during Dallas 1 & Southeast TX
  *   411 Counselors
  *   6,521 Students (as of 11:55pm, 9-13-20200)

Please check the TACRAO College Fair Schedule - schools have adjusted date and time, canceled their event, and new events have been added throughout the schedule.

So, as you read this late tonight or early tomorrow - I want to wish each of you a very good "travel season"!  And leave you with this.....

The Night Before TACRAO 2020

The night before TACRAO and all through the State, not a box to be loaded, not a suitcase to take;
This year would be different, with no tables to drape or scanner or brochure or pencil to break;
There'll be no students or parents or teachers to face - because we are virtual to grant enough space;
All colleges ready with chat and info galore, all booths built with excitement to keep prospects from being quite bored;
The fair is for moving each student along - from appointments to visits - we must show how they belong;
But the goal really is an app to admit, because if we get them, we express how they fit;
It's the night before TACRAO and recruiters must rest, as tomorrow will start their journey to be at their best;
So off in the distance, if one takes the time, you can start to hear as each one prepares to unwind;
The laptops are closings and auto messages set; I may be in the office but will be hard to get;
Find me online as the season begins, the season of TACRAO with students and friends.

Wishing each of you and your institutions a great "virtual travel" season.


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Dara M. Newton, M.Ed.
Associate Vice President
Strategic Enrollment
(956) 665-2925 dara.newton at UTRGV.edu<mailto:dara.newton at UTRGV.edu>

Brownsville * Edinburg * Harlingen

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