[TACRAO] Listserv UPDATE: TACRAO Virtual College Fair Series

Yvonne Lundy YLundy at hputx.edu
Thu Sep 10 12:19:14 CDT 2020

Thanks for all your hard work!  It's almost GO time and we are looking forward to getting those inquiries.  Can anyone tell me when the AdmitHub chat feature will be available on our TACRAO virtual fair booth?  Our staff will be seeing our booth tomorrow for the first time and it would be great for them to see the chat button and know what to look for starting Monday.

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Good Morning TACRAO,

The High School Relations Committee, members of the Executive Committee, and the TACRAO listserv have been asked and continue to get asked the question about joining the TACRAO College Fair Series.  Please know we are working on ways to help support each of you and your institutions, but at this time, to be ready for Monday, the fair registration is closed.  The last day to build a booth was Monday, September 7th, with an extension until 11:45pm on Tuesday, September 8th due to the holiday.  The HSR Committee and I know and understand how important it is to be able to connect with students in Texas, especially in a time like now.

As we seek alternative means to joining the college fair series, we ask the you please be patient and understanding.  We have created a waitlist.  This allows us to collect the institution and the representative who would be responsible for paying and creating the booth to join the college fair series as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

If you are a Texas college or university, please email me directly - place "TACRAO College Fairs - Waitlist" in the subject line. (a separate email will go to our paid subscribers via the hsrelations at tacrao.org<mailto:hsrelations at tacrao.org> email with their instructions).  If you have already communicated with me (here) or hsrelations at tacrao.org<mailto:hsrelations at tacrao.org> and/or Kristin, secretary at tacrao.org<mailto:secretary at tacrao.org>, there is no need to email again - you are on the list.

To use one of our commonly used terms during the pandemic, we are in unprecedented times.  We are learning, facing challenges, growing, and changing as an industry (recruitment, teaching methods and delivery, etc.).  When you think about all that has happened in a very short period, we have accomplished great things, but there was not way to avoid experiencing bumps and bruises.

I believe and I think each of you believe - higher education in Texas will be in a place to better serve our students at all stages of the funnel (had to have recruitment language in there).

Again, we appreciate your understanding and we will keep you posted.


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