[TACRAO] Listserv High School "College Preparatory" Math

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I would like to piggy back on this question.  If you are a Banner school, where are you coding that the student has this class?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm needing some information on how your institution handles "College Preparatory" math classes.  What is your practice when handling these classes from a high school?

1.  Do you accept these courses as TSI completing the student for college level classes?  And, if you do, what documentation do you require to give them the completion status?
2.  If a high school has a MOU with a college to award TSI completion, but did not attend that college, do you honor the MOU (TSI) agreement?
3.  Do you only accept the "College Preparatory" class as completion of the high school requirements and nothing more?
4.  Do you still require the student to TSI test and place them in classes according to the testing scores?
4.  Other (please explain)

Thank you.


Donna Morris


Western Texas College

6200 College

Snyder, TX 79549


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