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When reporting on CMB 009 students who earn multiple majors on a single
degree, how does your institution report them on CBM 009? Any insight you
can provide would be helpful.


We've been told that we should report the CIP code for the primary major,
but that's problematic for Rice because the first major on record is the one
with more hours for us, not necessarily the first declared or even what the
student would consider "primary." 


We may be overthinking this, but the manual says "Summary of Degrees
Conferred," so we're assuming that an "award" is a "degree" and not a
"major." If we enter multiple records for each major, we seem to over-report
the number of "awards" (i.e., "degrees") but if we use only one record per
major then not all majors will have CIP codes reported. (On top of this, CIP
code seems to be required if a student has two degrees, and we have a number
of students with two degrees, with two majors on one degree and one major on


For example, a student at Rice could earn a BA in Chemistry and History. It
is one degree with two majors. The student may need to complete only a
couple more hours to get the second major, and it is not a second degree.
Since we are only supposed to report one awarded degree with the CIP code
for the major we have some problems:

1.	We can't report multiple records because the student only earned one

2.       The distinguishing between a primary and secondary major at Rice is
completely arbitrary


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