[TACRAO] Listserv Goodbye for now TACRAO friends

Wade Cates WCates at kilgore.edu
Thu Oct 3 09:53:48 CDT 2019

Good morning all!
I regret to inform you that because I have received a promotion to the CE side, I will no longer be able to participate in going to anything TACRAO related. 

I have made numerous good friends and networks over the years through TACRAO and look forward to us meeting again somewhere in higher ed!

Please stay in touch through Facebook or LinkedIn if you so choose!

Wade Cates,  M.S.Ed.
Continuing Education Coordinator, International DSO
Office of Admissions and Registrar
Kilgore College
Office:  (903) 988-7542
Fax:  (903) 983-8607
Email:  wcates at kilgore.edu
Website:  www.kilgore.edu

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