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Hello Ramiro!

See responses below.  Let me know if you have additional questions.


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Happy Friday Jr., everybody!

I'd really appreciate your help with a few questions as we kick-off graduation season:

1)      Who calls roll at your commencement ceremony?
We call students two at a time so we have two people that call their names when the students hand their cards to them.

2)      Who does your stage party consist of?
President, Provost,  speaker, VP's, Dean's, Music leader, Regent and Mayo professors and depending on ceremonies, doctoral advisors, system representative.

3)      About how long does your ceremony run and with how many graduates participating?

We have 4 ceremonies in the Fall and Spring - each run at least an hour or more.  One on Friday and 3 on Saturday.

Any ceremony itineraries, floor plans, or other information that you can share would be so helpful.

Thanks a million!


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