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Busby, Maria REG_MZB at SHSU.EDU
Mon Feb 18 09:23:46 CST 2019

Hi Brandi,

We print in-house using HP Laserjet 9040n printer.  This is a very old printer, about 12 years old at least.  We did have a span of time where our campus print shop was printing the diplomas but over the past few years, we returned to printing the diplomas within our office.  With our growing enrollment, it is a time consuming task and we are looking at options to improve efficiency.

Hope this information helps!

Maria Busby
Associate Registrar, Responsibility - Intellection -Adaptability - Input - Belief
Email: mariabusby at shsu.edu<mailto:mariabusby at shsu.edu>
Sam Houston State University
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We have started printing our diplomas on the copier and they come out great.

Brandi Havens
Clarendon College
(806) 874-4804

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Good morning,

We are looking at upgrading our diploma printer. For schools that print diplomas in-house, what kind of printer do you use?

Thank you,

Hannah McDonald
University Registrar
Texas A&M University-Central Texas
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