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Good Morning,

Our institution is looking at procedures for handling students who have initiated payment prior to ORD and are reported as never attended on census day. We are interested in what our colleagues do. Here are a few scenarios we experience:

1.       A student who has financial aid applied to their tuition and fee bill, but as of ORD has not attended. Our Financial Aid office pulls back the award leaving a balance owed. What do you do? (drop & bill student, drop and refund 100% so $0 bill, etc.)

2.       A student who pays for their bill using pay-out-of-pocket, but is reported as never attended at ORD. What do you do? (drop & refund, keep enrolled & let earn "F", no refund but withdrawal after ORD, etc.)

3.       Dual Credit Students - if you charge tuition & fees, is there a different process (pre-ORD or post-ORD)?

If there is another method you utilize, please share. I look forward to hearing your insight.

Thank you,

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