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Castro, Barbara barbara.castro.ctr at usuhs.edu
Tue Oct 2 09:03:34 CDT 2018

We have Practicums and Internships that cross over terms.  For example:  A
practicum could start in the Summer and the student would not complete
until the following Spring semester.  We have been leaving the Practicums
open with a grade of "IP", but have issues with this solution.  Students
are not counted as enrolled in the following terms and keeping track of
missing grades is problematic.  Our Registrar is suggesting that we apply a
grade of "X" which means that the course is continuing in the next term,
and that we register the student again in the following term.  This
solution leaves us with multiple courses for one course and Hours Attempted
being added with each registration.  The course itself cannot be split up
and the student receives only one grade for the course.  Also, our official
grading policy is to replace "X" grades with a grade - that they may not
remain on the transcript.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to manage this process.


Barbara Castro

Barbara Castro
Special Assistant to the Dean
Infused Solutions CTR
USU - College of Allied Health Sciences
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas
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