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Treadaway, Ms. Emily TREADAWAY at tarleton.edu
Wed Nov 14 15:20:39 CST 2018

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to inquire as to what the various policies are out there regarding a transfer course which changes credit hours between the time the student initially completed the course and then retaking it at the same institution.

For  example, a student completes a 3 credit course and decides to retake the course at the same institution but it is now 4 credits or vice versa. What is your policy:

*        Follow what the sending institution includes or excludes on the transcript?

*        Exclude the lesser grade received regardless of credit hours?

*        Exclude the lesser grade only if it was the lesser amount of credit?

Thank you for responding!

Emily Treadaway
Transfer Services Coordinator, Office of Admissions
Tarleton State University, Member of the Texas A&M University System
Box T-0030 | Tarleton Center Room 101 | Stephenville, TX 76402
254.968.9353 | (f) 254.968.9951 | www.tarleton.edu/admissions

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