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Welsh, Johnelle Johnelle.Welsh at ctcd.edu
Tue Nov 13 14:36:00 CST 2018

Central Texas College does not provide a student email until the student registers for a course with CTC. The primary reason for doing so is as an open admission community college a high percentage of individuals submit an admissions application but never enroll. For colleges and universities that provide students with a college or university student email, at what point in the student's enrollment process is a student email assigned and was there a particular reason for assigning the student email at that time?

1.       Student email assigned at the time the student submits an Admission Application.

2.       Student email assigned at the time the student's Admission Application was completed and student accepted into the college or university.

3.       Student email assigned at the time the student officially registers for a college course.

4.       Other:

Johnelle Welsh, Ed.D.
Dean, Student Services
Central Texas College
(254) 526-1373
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