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See Northeast Texas Community College's answers below. Thanks!

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Good Morning,

I have a few commencement ceremony questions for community colleges:

1.       Average number of graduates that participate? 120 per ceremony; 1 in December, 2 in May, 1 in August

2.       Do you have graduates come across the stage in alphabetical order? By degree or certificate, yes

3.       Do you separate associate degrees and certificates in your seating chart and commencement program? Yes

4.       Do you specially identify highest honor graduates? Honors, High Honors, and President's Honors are denoted on the graduates' name cards and announced as they cross the stage. They are also given Honors cords when they check in prior to the ceremony. Do you have a special presentation during the ceremony? No, just announcing the honors as they cross.

5.       How many staff do you utilize in the Registrar's office to prepare and execute the ceremony? I'm the only 'staff' in the Registrar's Office, so we utilize all professional staff in the Student Services division. Everyone is assigned a specific task related to check-in, ceremony, or diploma disbursement. At May ceremonies, we had 10 total, plus help from a couple of other departments.

6.       If you have 2 ceremonies:

                                                               i.      How do you separate graduates? Transfer degrees at first ceremony, then Workforce degrees and certificates at second in May. Otherwise all in one ceremony.

                                                             ii.      How far apart are they timewise? 9:00 a.m. Transfer; 11:00 a.m. Workforce

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