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Scott Branum tbranum at gc.edu
Tue Jun 19 08:56:18 CDT 2018

There are a couple of ways we would grant in-state residency:

1.     The student would need to provide proof of gainful employment for the 12 consecutive months up to the request for in-state residency.

2.     The student would need to provide proof of marriage to a Texas resident, along with proof the Texas resident has domiciled for the consecutive 12 months leading up to the request for in-state residency.

Many students move to Texas without changing their DL until it actually expires.  They don’t want to go through the trouble of dealing with the DPS/DMV to get it changed until they absolutely have to (It’s very expensive for those coming from out of state).  We consider the DL a small part of the overall picture – and never use it to conclusively establish or deny in-state residency.

As long as they could provide evidence to support domicile, we would grant in-state tuition.

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Hello TACRAO residency officials,
I have a residency issue I would like your thoughts on.  I have a student who is requesting in-state tuition.  He is 28 years old and states he has lived in TX for 10 years.  He graduated from high school in Florida and still has a valid Florida DL.  He has been married to a TX resident for 10 months.  He has worked in TX for at least 12 consecutive months.  I am uncomfortable granting the in-state tuition rate to a student with a valid DL from another state.  What are your opinions on this situation?

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