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shirley.dove at cisco.edu shirley.dove at cisco.edu
Tue Jun 19 08:36:23 CDT 2018

Hello TACRAO residency officials,
I have a residency issue I would like your thoughts on.  I have a 
student who is requesting in-state tuition.  He is 28 years old and 
states he has lived in TX for 10 years.  He graduated from high school 
in Florida and still has a valid Florida DL.  He has been married to a 
TX resident for 10 months.  He has worked in TX for at least 12 
consecutive months.  I am uncomfortable granting the in-state tuition 
rate to a student with a valid DL from another state.  What are your 
opinions on this situation?

Shirley K. Dove

Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar

Residency Determination Official

Cisco College

101 College Heights

Cisco, TX 76437

254-442-5134   Fax: 254-442-1449/Attention: Shirley Dove

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