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Sofia Montes sofia.montes at utrgv.edu
Wed Jun 13 13:57:06 CDT 2018

TACRAO Members,

All official and active members of TACRAO should have already received an email from Vote-Now announcing the opening of elections for the Nominations and Elections (N&E) Committee.  The email would have come from "ElectionBallot at vote-now.com."

Per TACRAO By-Laws, you will see the names of seven TACRAO members listed, and you may vote for up to four members that will join the N&E Committee.  The four candidates receiving the highest votes will serve on the N&E Committee and meet to recommend a slate of officers to replace outgoing TACRAO Executive Committee (TEC) members. In doing so, they will aim to achieve representation from diverse institution types and regions. The positions to be filled this year are the following:

*         President-Elect

*         Vice President for Records and Registration

*         Vice President for Technology

*         Treasurer

As a reminder, the current Chair of the N&E Committee is Oscar Reyna.  The Chair of the N&E Committee for the upcoming year will be the member receiving the most votes in this election.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Sofia Montes
TACRAO<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com_-3Furl-3Dhttps-253A-252F-252Furldefense.proofpoint.com-252Fv2-252Furl-253Fu-253Dhttp-2D3A-5F-5Fwww.tacrao.org-5F-2526d-253DDwMFAg-2526c-253DoqyuZuih6ykib6aKiBq22-5Fbich4AVfYGoLertJN0bEc-2526r-253D5cwyr3ZZzjmRsIsXglBYqQ-2526m-253DhNpbpV4Ye1HVZBBpRosm8NLUCNxbKAO94WKsNTxmrF0-2526s-253DeaT7eVmiI0evfOi-2D0OrRcMVSJUfKz25d7EMJx4g6-2DiY-2526e-253D-26data-3D02-257C01-257Csofia.montes-2540utrgv.edu-257C4b1be31a96414c7d811b08d55909abd7-257C990436a687df491c91249afa91f88827-257C0-257C0-257C636512820438364137-26sdata-3DeWaolknxLPS7-252Fbsu02LfrBxeXRTuGtqUIxlJ9GEEDx8-253D-26reserved-3D0&d=DwIFAg&c=oqyuZuih6ykib6aKiBq22_bich4AVfYGoLertJN0bEc&r=5cwyr3ZZzjmRsIsXglBYqQ&m=IhQ7E-OC-0HshX1kdCzVpwy0_3gAHbLncmW6GHwVu98&s=mLCqwb-DxleIltPbyicFf82vp3ERA5SjVsXiPPNEwx8&e=> President-Elect 2017-2018
sofia.montes at utrgv.edu<mailto:jpapari at smu.edu>
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