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Position Summary:

Facilitates the editing of the LSC catalog, supports the core development process, and facilitates the System-wide review and approval of curriculum revisions. Oversees a team of instructional programs professionals and provides leadership, guidance and support in their job functions.

Job Functions:

1.     Facilitates the System-wide review and editing of the LSC catalog each year, including policies, procedures, curriculum and all other related chapters

2.     Works actively with the General Education Committee in support of the LSC core redevelopment process, including but not limited to participation on committees, coordination and collaboration with all involved parties, development of training materials, organization of proposals, providing guidance on THECB policies, and submission of proposals to the THECB for final approval

3.     Evaluates and renews processes for Curriculum Management projects. Facilitates the System-wide review and approval of curriculum revisions in collaboration with the Educational Programs Council and Vice Presidents of Instruction, organization and processing of proposals from curriculum teams, development of training materials, and communications with all interested parties System-side to ensure full dissemination of information

4.     Develops and manages Curriculum Management budgets and makes regular reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

5.     Represents Academic Affairs and Curriculum Management on Workforce Council and other committees as assigned

6.     Oversees the submission of all new programs and course and program revisions to THECB for final approval

7.     Works actively with LSC personnel to identify and collect data related to student learning outcomes and the use of such data for improvement of teaching and learning

8.     Participates in training and professional development related to Curriculum Management and provides training and professional development opportunities for employees

9.     Responsible for other reasonable related duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

*         Strong verbal and written communication, analytical, organizational, and research skills Experience editing and proofreading, with the ability to produce high-quality materials while adhering to multiple deadlines

*         Strong understanding of accreditation purposes and processes

*         Project management skills

*         Ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, administration, and community members in soliciting and utilizing meaningful input

*         Able to work autonomously and have a high degree of judgment

*         Excellent decision making, conflict resolution, and problem-solving abilities

*         Ability to maintain confidentiality

*         Strong multi-tasking abilities while working in a fast-paced environment

*         Ability to maintain a positive attitude in demanding work environment



  *   Bachelor's degree
  *   At least 5 years of related work experience; at least 3 years in a management or director-level position

  *   Master's degree
  *   Knowledge of catalog and curriculum approval applications



Apply Online<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__lonestar.taleo.net_careersection_lsc-5Fexternal-5Fcareer-5Fsection_jobdetail.ftl-3Fjob-3D18000159-26tz-3DGMT-2D05-253A00&d=DwIFAg&c=oqyuZuih6ykib6aKiBq22_bich4AVfYGoLertJN0bEc&r=5cwyr3ZZzjmRsIsXglBYqQ&m=eeETbibD16JGGB7jCnJ2qyP33XFQiSYuJAukAKPckUU&s=3Y--6PMHjdrrnIR2OSs4OMjdycZqMLmSdXLl63BNkL4&e=>

Wendy Wilson

Wendy Wilson, PhD
Executive Director,
Developmental Education & Curriculum Management
Academic Affairs
Lone Star College
20515 SH249, Suite UP11406
Houston, Texas 77070
281-290-2658  (office)
Wendy.Wilson at lonestar.edu<mailto:Wendy.Wilson at lonestar.edu>
Visit Developmental Education on the Intranet<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__intranet.lonestar.edu_academicandstudent_DevEdu_SitePages_Home.aspx&d=DwIFAg&c=oqyuZuih6ykib6aKiBq22_bich4AVfYGoLertJN0bEc&r=5cwyr3ZZzjmRsIsXglBYqQ&m=eeETbibD16JGGB7jCnJ2qyP33XFQiSYuJAukAKPckUU&s=1asr3Uo4WtWowTkMRehuQyhXHqI1ljACa9Y130NaYow&e=>

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