[TACRAO] Listserv Withdrawal Process and Return to Title IV

Troy G. White tgwhite at etbu.edu
Tue Apr 24 08:12:10 CDT 2018

Good morning TACRAO...I am resending this email this morning as I realized I sent it at quitting time yesterday!  If anyone has a required attendance policy at your institution, I would really love to hear how you handle the withdrawal process, given the 14-day rule and the deadlines FA has to comply with regarding the return of funds.

Thank you for your input!


This email is for my colleagues with an institutional attendance policy...

1.       What is your course withdrawal process?

2.       How is the "Last Date of Attendance" captured?

3.       How do you ensure Financial Aid compliance with Return to Title IV policies that they are doing so within their deadlines?  In other words, how do you keep students from holding on to the withdrawal request for two months after their actual last date of attendance?

In Pursuit of Him,
Troy G. White, M.Ed.
University Registrar
One Tiger Drive, Marshall, TX 75670

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