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Hi Diana, answers from Odessa College are below.

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Hello, Everyone!
Our Community College institution is thinking about starting a mini-mester after our Fall term ends (or beginning one towards the end of the Fall term).
I know some of you offer "Wintermesters."
Could you send me some info as to how you handle this kind of mini-mester?
If possible:
How long is your Wintermester? Four weeks
Start date/End Date? Usually starts the Tuesday after Fall graduation/semester end through four weeks. Typically our Spring semester begins about 10 days following the close of Midwinter.
If the college is closed for winter break and this Wintermester is going on, which office is on campus to handle the activities of this wintermester (late registration, add/drops, rolls, grades, etc.).  Same as Galveston College - we are open through census day for students to register and drop.

Our Midwinter is a stand-alone term and financial aid is not available.

Any info you can give me is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a great week (and weekend)!

Diana Rubio
College Registrar
Laredo Community College
Office of the Registrar, Lerma-Pena 160
West End Washington St  Laredo, Texas 78040
956.721-5861  Fax: 956.764-5974


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