[TACRAO] Listserv Fall Invoices and Community Engagement

Gallarzo, Nohemi ngallarzo at utep.edu
Tue Mar 28 13:00:27 CDT 2017


I'm hoping I can get some assistance with two items we're working on at UTEP, please see below:

Regarding Fall Invoices:

1. When do your fall invoices go out to students?
2. What is your SIS?
3. Which system are you using for business affairs/accounts receivables?

Community Engagement: How does your university track community engagement for students?

1. Dummy courses in your SIS
2. Some other indicator in your SIS
3. Co-curricular transcripts or modules outside of your SIS
4. Other external system (please explain)

Thank you all!

Nohemi Gallarzo
Registration and Records, MLASB 107
(O): 915-747-7324
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