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Quick Poll -

How many of you automatically award the Certificate or Degree if the student does not apply? If yes, have you encountered any issues?  We had this question posed during our UT-Brownsville/Texas Southmost College days and submitted this question to UT System’s General Counsel.  We didn’t implement after we received their memorandum.

At UTRGV if we’ve determined a student has met the requirements, we certify, but all already had an application on file.

I’m of the opinion that students should be allowed to postpone their certification. If the institution has internal automated controls to determine that a student should not be receiving aid due to completing all course requirements, then why not? Students should be allowed to take classes to improve gpa, etc. with the understanding that they will not be receiving Pell.

Do you charge an application fee/graduation fee? Yes

Any other information about Graduation you want to share, please!
Regarding certification for 1 year certificates and 2 year degrees, we did have an issue graduating students in programs that they hadn’t declared in. A few years ago UT-Brownsville/Texas Southmost College wanted to certify more AA degrees for students who were finishing the AA requirements on their way to their bachelor’s degree. This too was not implemented.  The question here was can you graduate a student on a plan that they have not declared? The answer we received was no.

Please email me directly at jdorman at panola.edu<mailto:jdorman at panola.edu> .

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