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Mon Jan 4 14:46:20 CST 2016

Good afternoon TACRAO and Happy New Year,

The header section of TREx transcripts has carried free-form notes such as:
NTE**Completed Distinguished Level of Achievement~
NTE**Completed STEM Endorsement~
NTE**Completed Business and Industry Endorsement~
NTE**Completed Multi Disciplinary Studies Endorsement~
The only way we could programmatically identify these segments was by a text search of NTE 02.  That is not an attractive option when we seek machine processable data in a NTE segment.  Structured free-form notes like those used for TSI would be better.
In August of 2015, a request was sent to Glenn Shelton at TEA to see if this could be addressed.   Wally Reeves, Sean Cargo, Richard Jimmerson, and Dave Stones agreed on a format to request.  In December of 2015, Mr. Shelton announced that the changes have been placed in production.  This is an amazingly quick response, and the result should lead to simpler evaluation of TREx transcripts.
His note, with the code structure:
This is to inform you that your request to place code values  as defined below on the edi NTE02 segments went into production Friday evening , December 11, 2015.

-          Byte 1: #   (to indicate the beginning of the identifier)

-          Byte 2:  [P/C]   (P means Pursuing, C  means Completed)

-          Byte 3:  a code assigned to each of the NTEs types ranging from A-Z, 0-9 as needed;

-                      A  - FHSP Distinguished Level Achieve Indicator Code

-                        B - Business and Industry Endorsement Indicator Code

-                        C - STEM Endorsement Indicator Code

-                        D - Public Services Endorsement Indicator Code

-                        E - Arts and Humanities Endorsement Indicator Code

-                        F - Multi Disciplinary Studies Endorsement  Indicator Code

-          Byte 4: '=' (to indicate the end of the identifier

-          Followed by the normal text of the note


-          Examples:

-          #PA=Pursuing Distinguished Level of Achievement

-          #CD=Completed Publish Service Endorsement

-          #PC=Pursuing STEM Endorsement


TACRAO Technology Committee

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