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Hi Robert,
Hope you didn't get any flood damage!

We have a process that instructors can use to upload grades from a spreadsheet but there is no interface with the LMS. We use Blackboard and the folks who manage that system have continued to tell us that they is no PeopleSoft interface delivered. If anyone in Registrar Land knows differently, please let me know.

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On Apr 20, 2016, at 2:46 PM, Jenkins, Robert <Robert.Jenkins at uth.tmc.edu<mailto:Robert.Jenkins at uth.tmc.edu>> wrote:

Hello from soggy Houston,
A quick couple of yes or no “Registrar” questions for your Wednesday afternoon.

·         Do you have in place an automated process for loading grades from the institution’s LMS to the student system?

·         If your institution does NOT allow the loading of final grades from the LMS to the student system…..was that the result of an institutional discussion and a subsequent decision NOT to have such a process?

Thanks for your input.


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