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Those sorts of post-Census swaps are not allowed under our normal policies. However, rare approvals are possible in cases where the relevant academic Dean and the Provost's office concur that some sort of circumstances relevant to a student's situation warrant an exception. In those cases we would require a paper trail showing both Dean and Provost-level approvals prior to taking any action, and would save those as part of that term's enrollment records for the student.

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Good Morning TACRAO Members,

I have been asked to see how other institutions handle a request from a student (or academic department) to do a section switch for a course after census date.

1)       Does your institution allow a section switch after census date?

2)      If yes, what justifications for the section switch?

3)      If yes, who needs to approve (i.e., academic advisor, instructor, dean)?

4)      Does your institution have a policy?  If yes, please share if possible.

Thank you in advance and have a great Monday!


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